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Welcome to Pepe the blind dog (from the UK ) pages.
Pepe says hello

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Here you will learn that blind dogs are not as helpless as you would think.


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any other suggestions of things to add to his site On the links page, there is a place to add your own link Here is the news server on dog blindness
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Pepe's Pieces

Don't forget to sign his guest book Pepe has many friends, not all are blind Here is Pepe's family, along with cute and inspiring pictures
Pepe can actually speak to you, but only if you have Internet Explorer  Get Microsoft Internet Explorer Pepe has some light hearted pages, and they get added to with the seasons Not forgetting Pepe modelling in many of his hoops

Windows Media Player 7 Skin

If you have Windows Media Player 7 (Pepe highly recommends it, but it is for Windows 98/ME and 2000 only), you can download "Pepe's Skin" for it

Windows Media Player 7 Skin

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Pepe's hoops now on sale. Click here for details.

There is no Java here so that WebTV people can enjoy all things too (except the talking dogs), and the buttons at the top are always there, except for Village pages and Friends web pages.

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