Aventure #1
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Bruce & Pepe's Adventure, Number 1

Coal House Fort, Tilbury

We fort our way here

This fort was built to stop some sort of invasion

Moat in the foreground, River Thames behind

Well it hasn't stopped Pepe and Bruce invading

Lots of lovely hills to climb

17.jpg (33890 bytes)

Lots of grass to eat

Having a real good time

Can I smell another dog has been here

A monument worth high marks

Nearly got it

Bruce will second that

A direct hit

Is that real stone, of just that cheap cladding?

Out come the big guns

Use the gun to blast our way in

This is a barrel of laughs

See if I can hit the tree from here

Pepe will have a tail to tell, but Bruce has no tail

Lets dig our way in

Back to the car

Only 2 cylinders, that's one for Pepe, one for Bruce

Looks like Pepe is driving

Wind down the window more

Don't forget the English have the steering wheel on the right side

America has it on the wrong side

Don't run me down

Off home now, with Bruce as a back seat driver

Can we come again?

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