Aventure #2
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Bruce & Pepe's Adventure, Number 2

The PetSmart nightmare

The nightmare begins

The nighmare begins

I am fully prepared for visit, had 2 bacon sandwiches, and 2 cigarettes before leaving car

Doesn't seem too bad, yet!

Can we get on with it?

Lets find the Kongs

Muzzels, I thought we were going to have fun?

Bruce finds the tasty rabbits

If I chew on these, will they clean my teeth, dad?

Pepe needs to study this a little further

Now Pepe has found them

Do floppy eared ones taste better

Now Pepe is about to knock off the water container

Where's the door to get to them

What flavour is this, dad?

At this point things go really bad

Bruce tinkles over a box

Pepe craps all over the floor

I have to clean it all up

We get told off for taking photo's in the store

We get kicked out of store

So we didn't buy anything

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