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Friends who put there own pictures in Pepe's Village

Friends with hoops
Axel    More Axel   KD from Australia    Chelsey   Ernie    Dr. Joughin
Goldie and Ashley
Daisy and Tinker    newlogo.gif (1381 bytes)Betsynewlogo.gif (1381 bytes)
Madison with no hoop  Madison with hoop
  Maedchen   Odie    Peanut 
Ryder and Family no hoop   Ryder and Family with hoop
More Ryder and Family with hoop
Rose with her vest

Scooter in a vest made by his mum
Wilhelmina gets her vest

Friends without hoops
Hot Daisy from Australia  Daisy and Cousins  newlogo.gif (1381 bytes)Bitty and Czarnewlogo.gif (1381 bytes)
Daisy and Tink
Pepper and Melanie   Claude   Wispa   
Cody, Stormy, and Sasha

Friends with own web pages
    The on-line home of Rivers, a blind racing sled dog  
King Arthur   Daisy     Peanut    Robin's Nest     Trinket
Gabby  Pippy   Tyler   Sugar   Brett    Deacon     Tobias  
Kieran  Boofman   Sonny   Terri   Missy 
UK OK    Tetley  
Kiya  Ray Charles  Bobby Sue    Kelly   Princess
Harmonica Dan and Blind Jed his Wonder Dog
Bumper   Shiro
Tribute to Corki-Our Faithful Friend

I Apologise if Pepe has forgot anyone, him and let him know