(Goldies new sister)

This is Ashley, she is a 10 month old Australian Shepherd.

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She was adopted from a shelter not long ago. I have seen dozens of dogs on the internet that were in need of a home but for some reason she just "jumped out at me". She is deaf and she has piercing blue eyes with a pupil that doesn't seem to dilate. She will be going to the eye doctor soon to have it checked out although she seems to see all right.

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She joins Goldie my other Australian Shepherd who is a diabetic and went blind from cataracts this past fall, Goldie has since had successful cataract removal surgery and is now a seeing dog. Although there was the initial dislike (Goldie is very possessive of me) they seem to get along better, it didn't help that Ashley couldn't hear Goldie's warning growls.

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Ashley is settling in nicely and we have begun the long task of teaching her sign language. It's going slowly but I believe she will start picking it up nicely very soon. We are blessed to have both of these "special needs" girls in our home.

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With my daughter Caitlin, age 10

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