Hello, my name is Vicki and I own a 3-4 yr. old Australian Shepherd named Goldie.

Goldie was diagnosed as a diabetic this past summer (1999).

She is a rescue dog that I saved from a woman who was using her as a breeding machine. I firmly believe she knows I saved her as she immediately attached herself to me, she is 1000% devoted and would attach herself physically to me if she could. I noticed some cloudiness in both eyes and she started to act disoriented and bumping into things.  She was obviously frightened and walked around with her eyes as wide open as she can get them, listening frantically for my voice.  


Cute, isn't she?

goldiehoop1.jpg (14249 bytes)

Here is Goldie in her vest

goldiehoop2.jpg (12923 bytes)

GoldieHoop3.jpg (12670 bytes)

Goldie no longer needs her vest, her sight is restored - Hooray

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