From California

Madison - The Bichon Frise from Oakland, California

Madison was diagnosed with PRD (also known as PRA) by Dr. Hacker.

I have no idea how old he is because I rescued him as a stray in May of 1997. In August of 1997,he was determined to be between 8 and 9 years old by Dr. Hacker, but that's out the window because he was aged by his retinas! The poor guy also suffers from epileptic seizures. He is on medication, and hasn't had one for quite some time. However, I am worried about the little guy. A seizure leaves him very disoriented for a time. Total blindness on top of that sounds daunting.

I'm sure Madison (my dog) is taking this a lot better than me.

I'm a very neurotic dog mother

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This is me (Laura) with my baby

He is very much a boy, don't let the cute looks fool you

Tennis, Anyone?

Beta Boy 1

Beta Boy 2

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