Ryder in St Patrick's Day Vest


We wanted you to see how good we looked for this special occasion of St Patrick's Day.

lrjones.jpg (30507 bytes)

Rudy needed to comfort Jones who first threatened to go to the bottle.

lrrudyjones.jpg (43280 bytes)

Then was consoled with a nose lick because he can't fit into the vest (yet).

I think I heard him mumble something about a starvation diet but knowing his appetite, he'll not hold out long.

lrrocky.jpg (40041 bytes)

Rocky thought the wearing of the green to be fun - but only for a short time.

lrrocky2.jpg (20388 bytes)

When it came off, he showed us how he feels about the entire idea.

lryawn.jpg (26655 bytes)

Ryder still can't figure out what all the fuss is about.

lrryderthanks.jpg (24290 bytes)

She's upset because she's not allowed outside in her new attire, but has become quite the "poser" for the camera.

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