Pepe's Current Health
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19th May 2001
I thought over the last 2 days, Pepe's breathing was worse, but the vet said his chest was continually improving.
He stopped the anti-biotics, as he feels the E-Coli has gone, and we have some sulphur tablets now.
Vet let us borrow x-ray to scan, now you can really see inside Pepe.
The green arrow is pointing to the area of lungs that should show up as black, but fluids are making it a foggy area.
Inside Pepe

9th May 2001
Went to vets for examination, and results of test.
Pepe got himself worked up at the vets, as we had a wait we went for a walk, and his chest was nice and clear for the vet (as it always is).
Pepe is now clear of the kennel cough (Bordetella, dog version of Whooping Cough). It looks like the kennel cough made him wide open for a massive E-Coli infection, which is not as serious in dogs as in people.
Vet said E-Coli is everywhere, and could have caught it by just sniffing poop.
Luckily the anti-biotic for the kennel cough and chronic pneumonia is the treatment for E-Coli, and he has a 2 week course more of it.
The vet said the tests had candida yeast, but he thinks the lab, or taking samples contaminated it.
If he had that he would have open sores, and the sulphur treatment cannot be given with anti-biotics.
I also asked about some other things-
2 lumps on chest, he took a sample there and then, and they are fatty lumps
Eyes, require no treatment
Heart, belongs on a lion (vet should know, he is South African)
Teeth, perfect
Nails, clipped
Discoloration under arms and belly, just skin colouring.
Vet remarked that breathing and cough is 300 percent better.
Hopefully this will finally cure his cough and breathing

1st May 2001
Vet called, 1st tests have came back, and Pepe has chronic pneumonia, and it is a bacterial infection. Collected anti-biotics and Baytril for him.
When other tests come back, we will know what the bacteria is.

25th April 2001
Pepe has has a cough since 1/1/2001. The vet thought it was kennel cough, but we got new puppy Queenie 4 weeks ago, she got kennel cough and gave to to Pepe, and Bruce.
So today Pepe had 7 x-rays, and samples were taken through small tubes of his lungs.The x-rays showed nothing is wrong with Pepe's heart, but there is water in the lung tissues that should not bee there.
The vet said it could either be
Chronic Bronchitis, Allergy, reaction to pollutants, or the same bacteria that caused the kennel cough.
He is on Corvental to keep his breathing, and a diuretic to make him lose some water.Results from the lungs are due back in about a week.
I'm sure the brandy he has also helps, he has had half a bottle in a month.