Pepe the blind dog's village User List
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Pepe the blind dog's village User List

ahaden - A Visit With PIPPY
andrea - My Pictures
annabelle - Annabelle, the Bassett who had glaucoma, then had implants
bap - Georgio and Gracie
betsy - This is Betsy
bet - Georgio
bewoofy - Timber Irresistible Blind husky
bobbysue - Bobby Sue's Page
bruce - Hi, I am Buce, visit me
carol - Teddy
chico - In Loving Memory of Chico
cindy - Cindy
claude - Claude the dog!
daisy - Daisy's Eyes
dog_lover - I Love Dogs
files - Put your files here
frr - Flint River Ranch Journal
greytmama - Boofman the Greyhound
helpme - Rescue Dog Pictures
hh - My web pages - by Helen Harrison and her Fuzzies
hugme - See Me - Hear Me
hunp - Daisy
joyolin - Chloe My blind stray & pups
kim - Kim, my home page
liesl - Wonder Dog
love - Loving pictures, put your own here, username and password is love
mappics - Pictures to go with World Blind Dog Map
may2001 - Pepe and family, May 2001
nancy - Wally and the Crew
newtie - 4paws
painting - Paintings from My Heart
pam - Daisy & Symi - Their Story
peanut - Pets
queenie - I am Queenie, I rule the house, all toys are mine
shalli - Shalli and Shammi
shirt - The Blind Dog T-Shirt
sugar - Sugar, a new addition to our family
test - test stuff
tinkerbell - Tinkerbell pictures
tundra - Pictures of Tundra
tyg - Tyg, in New Bern, NC - looking for a forever home
vic - Daesha's Page
wally - The Place to write down your own secret theories on Sards
willie - What can go wrong with a hoop - when you have no instructions
wldflowr88 - A Page about dogs and rescue
yakky - Dozer and Cash's page
zack - Zack's Page