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It might be best to print out this page

First, make a new folder on your computer.

Copy the pictures (GIF or preferably JPG) to that folder

Optional, get some music from and save it to that folder (music files end in .mid)

Rename the pictures and music to something simple, no spaces or capitals (I recommend you call pictures 1.jpg 2.jpg etc, and the music rename to music.mid)

There is a template maker here to help you create a web page called index.shtml

Now upload index.shtml with pictures and music with the Manager

Note that if there is a file in a web directory called index.htm or index.html, it will load that instead of a directory listing.

Pepe wishes you luck, and hope you have a go.

You can see other peoples pages by looking at the list

Important Template maker instructions
Have your picture files in the village. Make the names simple (you will have to type the names exactly as they are on the web). It is best not to have spaces or capital letters.
You will be presented at the end of this with a web page, minus the pictures, in your browser. Choose File, Save As, and save it to your hard drive as index.shmtl
index.shmtl is then uploaded to the village via the manager