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Shortie (AKA as Leo)

Pepe has a new friend, the rest of the family is calling him Leo
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I think I will call him Shortie
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Isn't it amazing how a naughty puppy becomes well behaved when the big boys are around?
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Bruce and Pepe will keep him in line

Did I have anything to do with the new introduction?
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Not really, not with a house of nagging women, how could I refuse
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He is supposed to be my daughter Kim's dog, how long before Shortie decides otherwise?
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So here are some more gratuitous puppy pictures
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andrewsperling wrote:
shorties cute
kayleigh wrote:
those dogs are very cute!
Elise Kearns & 6 dogs (5 mini doxies, 1 half Lab/half Germ. Shep.) wrote:
You obviously love yr. pets. Pepe's special collar w/ bumper is great! I'm waiting for a litter of wirehaired mini. doxies to be born as I write this. They're due any moment & I'm very anxious! I'm amusing myself looking @ yr. site. Take care, Elise + Annie, Katie (expecting), Truffle, Gideon, Charity (the doxies) & Winston (the big guy)
Jemma wrote:
HOW CUTE IS HE! wow i bet he's a little monkey now tho!
Alana wrote:
My dog is much cuter,but yours is still really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EANAL wrote:
Much BEtter than lil' Bow Wow
DOo DOo wrote:
ANALE wrote:
That pup is soooo cute!What else is there to say?
summer wrote:
he is so cute. do u have any more pics of him???
john wrote:
cute but not as cute as a Maltese
Amanda Robinson wrote:
Very cute!!! I love dogs!!
Caitlin wrote:
send me more pics at
Caitlin O'Shea wrote:
Very cute puppy!!! I wish i could have one just like it
who wrote:
write wrote:
i have a puppy
I wrote:
Can't tell wrote:
Hahaha! pretty cute
Donna wrote:
Bob wrote:
I have a blind wolf.
Maria Aivles wrote:
your puppy is so cute. Send me some pics if you like bye for now.....
pat wrote:


Sierra Kelly wrote:
Shortie is absolutely adorable. I also enjoyed all the boys' adventures!


Charlotte wrote:
Cute puppy
Denise wrote:
very very cute
Nancy wrote:
You are a very handsome boy and I am very happy to have met you.
Sue Hill wrote:
What a Precious puppy..Seems so well behaved...Hope Pepe likes him..
tasha and bailee wrote:
your puppy is so cut can i have him form tasha i think your puppy is so cute form bailee
Constance L. Evans wrote:
I laughed so hard at the end of pepe's Petsmart adventure, and I just adore Shorty he's sooo...CUTE!...many X's & O's.
b miller aurora or. wrote:
very beautiful puppy. we just got a pom.puppy, she is spoiled rotten, but she also takes good care of our blind 11year old pom. who we are working on at getting his sight back as soon as we can get his diabetes under control
Helen and Lamar Harrison wrote:
We came and took a tour, enjoyed it very much, Had to see also what exact color Kims Hair is. Helen and her two D'girls
Vickie, Geoff and Solomon the blind pug wrote:
I wish I could pick Shortie up and hug him all day long!
Carol & Ray Raparelli Minnie (SARDS) & Chantey wrote:
Shorty is adorable. Makes me want a puppy too!
Casey's Mommy wrote:
Shortie is just TOO cute!! Hope he, Pepe and Bruce have lots of fun together!!
Lucy wrote:
Shortie, u r soooooooooooo cute!!! We need more pictures. Luv the music!!!!
Val & Barney wrote:
What a cute addition! I'm sure Pepe will show him the ropes! :D
Jessica wrote:
Shortie is so cute!
Eunice and Sunshine wrote:
We want more pictures of Shortie!!! He is soooooo cute!
Sandra wrote:
ur puppy is the cutiest puppy!!! I would die to have that cutie!
Carmen Worley wrote:
What a face!! I just love them all!!!
Kathy L wrote:
He's a real doll-how soon before he models vests? wrote:
How cute, Welcome the new puppy to your home. He is beatifu l.Love ..Loretta and Zack
truffles wrote:
aww too cute!
caren da silva and co(odie,tara , tyler) wrote:
the dog is adorable
Lois McCracken and Alice wrote:
Shortie's a Cutie!!!!
Lisa & Baby wrote:
Funny! Baby has a new sister also. Lulu Bell - her new seeing eye dog! Welcome to the new famiy member
Bea and Dr. Joughin wrote:
What a little love he is--lovely to look at; delightful to hold. A new puppy is always a blessing.
Loretta Berrier wrote:
How cute - should bring lots of joy to you!
Jean McCann wrote:
What an adorable puppy, as sweet as the others.
Eunice and Sunshine wrote:
Shortie you are THE cutest!! Looking at you makes me want to run and get a puppy that looks JUST like you!!!! Congratulations on the new family memeber... I hope the boys (Pepe and Bruce) don't get too jealous!
Jayme and the Zoo wrote:
Congratulations on your new family member! What a cutie-pie he is :)
Starr and the Furrs wrote:
What a cutie!!!Somaday there will be a JRT at Winter Wind!!!!
Brianna and the Giant Dogs wrote:
Oooohhh, I think I need a little Shortie!!! He is adorable Dave, what a little doll!! I know you'll have lots of stories to share about this little guy, looks like he could be a partner in crime!!!
Kelly and Dozer wrote:
He is ADORABLE!! just wanna snuggle up with
Penny&Buddy&Phoebe wrote:
Nice little addition boys! Way too cute for words...just LOVE him!!!
AnnaMarie & PIPPY wrote:
Dave, The puppy is just adorable!! Good Luck!! Give him lots of doxie hugs from us!! AnnaMarie and PIPPY
Dianne Cowan wrote:
So adorable! I can understand why you are hoping Kim forgets that he is her pooch!
Nancy Richards Wolfing wrote:
Awwwwwwww ~ he's SO cute!
Kim & Willie wrote:
Verry cute
Andrea from Florida wrote:
What an adorable puppy... the pictures are great, and your daughter is very pretty too...(are you sure she is your daughter) LOL!!! If she is as kind a person as her dad, she is yours all the way...Good luck with the baby
Susan McLaughlin wrote:
Oh Dave, he is so cute!!!! I can see why that breed is so special to you. He has some chunky little paws for such a little guy. Good luck with him and he's a lucky boy to have such a good home.
Bev Doyle wrote:
Hello Baby Shortie!! Welcome! You are too cute for words and now I feel all broody. Marc will NOT be pleased! I'm really glad to see that you have a full tail too (we like tails if at all possible!). Have a lovely time growing up with your wonderful big brothers. Lots of love from Bev & all the Doyle Dogs including JRT Dillan (with one eye)xxx
Jenney Vinnick-Gould wrote:
Oh my gosh! Shortie is just TOO cute for words! Have fun with THREE JRT's....Love Jenney, Ziggy, Zach & Willie.
Betty Lewis and Sammi Girl wrote:
Shortie/Leo is just adorable, who could refuse him anything. Bruce and Pepe will keep this one in line. Loved the pics.
Sasha and Ray Charles wrote:
We want a puppy too!!!
The Hug-Me Gang wrote:
Puppy breathe and puppy smells. Oh, boy! Now for teething. Pepe and Bruce can blame all the furniture nicks on the baby. They will love him.
Jan, Sterling, Benji, Trixie, Simba wrote:
What a cutie! Shortie looks suspiciously attached to Pepe. I hope Bruce can teach him some appropriate things!
Pam, Daisy, Symi & Dougal wrote:
Shortie looks very puppy cute & gorgeous, I hope Pepe teaches him all the good tricks and not the naughty ones. Congratulations on your new "baby". He's in the dream dog home :):) C
Rudy, Rocky, Ryder & Jones wrote:
Welcome to the wonderful Higham household. If Pepe or Bruce don't treat you the way you think they should, there's always a nice place on the bed for another JRT in Cumming, Georgia. We'll enjoy watching you grow, new friend!!!!
Helen Harrison wrote:
He is darling, how long will it be before he moves into your office? Love, Helen and her 3 Fuzz's


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