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Pepe has a new sister Queenie

She is bound to be spoilt rotten

Kim poses with the hairy family

Wish they would keep still

This will have to do

Of course I had no say about getting another puppy.
She was smuggled in the house inside a coat.

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cliff dellow wrote:
Dave I can't believe bt let you go . but then again you didn't do much when you were there. think of the money they must be saving
Donna Organist wrote:
I reallyt love this site because there is so much to see and it is so beautifully put together.

Jessica wrote:
tiffany wrote:
Queenie is soooooooooooooooooo cute so are all the others!!!!!!!!
Pattie wrote:
Great family photo
Nancy, Wally and the Crew wrote:
It is so nice to get to see your whole family, it must be fun at feeding time.
Bea and Dr. Joughin wrote:
Great family- wonderful to have you all
khigham@btinternet.com wrote:
i have read this page dad and can i add shorty aka leo is mine! and i want to know why no one mentions my beautiful trixie on this website she was a real asset to our family and i especailly sad to see her go and will miss her lots. love kim
Cherryl wrote:
How can you call that sweet puppy thing a monster, she is just the cutest !
Vic wrote:
Queenie and the rest of her family look very happy."Happiness is a warm puppy." Best wishes to the whole gang. Vicki and Daesha (both eyes removed)
lorri roberts wrote:
How cute!! What a great family you have!!!!
Linda Squeo wrote:
What a doll baby!!!!!A great addition to your family.
Karen and the late Alexandrina from the US wrote:
What a lucky girl she is to become a member of your family. She looks like she'll fit right in.
Dianne Cowan wrote:
They are all adorable! I too have a pooch named Queenie --- a 10 1/2 year old Golden. Good luck with the new baby!
AnnaMarie wrote:
WELCOME TO THE WORLD, QUEENIE! Dave, your new baby is JUST ADORABLE!! How I envy you! Give her lots of hugs from me! AnnaMarie
Sunshine wrote:
Queenie your are the cutest!
Bonnie, Gidget & Cookie wrote:
Welcome Queenie! One rose amongst all those thorns? Such a little doll-baby!
Elizabeth & Wiggly wrote:
What a cute new puppy!! : )
Kathy L and Lou mini schnauzer wrote:
What a doll! You have a very special family dave and I doubt you would have fought hard to keep her out of your house-lol!
Joanie Coffenberg wrote:
How wonderful! What a precious new addition! I envy you that new pup!
Wanda Kuzenko wrote:
What a beautiful family
Pam Hunt wrote:
Well, I've got the Three Amigos, now you've gone one better. They all look grand and new pup adorable of course. Shortie looks very solid, sure you are not overfeeding him too :):):) Hugs to Pepe, hope his cough is better soon and a big smoochie to Trixie.
Leslie, Rudy, Rocky, Ryder & Mr. Jones wrote:
Welcome, Queenie!!!! Like diamonds, one can't have too many Jack Russells (even if they're part something else). Get those boys in line, girl!!!!
Ronnie Herig wrote:
Queenie, your new additional is adorable. Looks like she fits right in and belongs with the gang. Good luck with her.
Karen Belfi wrote:
Queenie's adorable. I'm very jealous! I want a puppy!!
Susan McLaughlin wrote:
Dave, the pictures are great, as usual you do a good job. Got to love that breed, and I guess your family definately does. I wish I could get my 2 little beasts to sit still and keep their ears straight up for a picture but no can do. Susan, Sherlock, Scarlett and The one and only best dog, Angel Chelsey
Helen Harrison wrote:
Well dave looks like you are bound to stay one dog ahead of me anyway. She is darling. Love Helen and Her Fuzzies
Jane and Ryder wrote:
Congratulations on your new addition. What a beautiful family!
LORRI wrote:
Penny & Buddy & Phoebe wrote:
Hi Dave; Queenie's beautiful...seems like yesterday that Shortie was a babe. Great to hear from you. Hope Pepe's cough gets better.
Oh Dave, I don't know which of us the biggist softy wrote:
Woops, I used the wrong line...Your babies are cute..... Andrea and the Florida gagg
Brenda Looney & Buffy wrote:
Oh, Queenie is so cute. How wonderful to have a new furbaby in the house! Pepe looks pretty thrilled too.
lynne hammill & bonnie wrote:
loved the pics


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