Room designed with a blind dog in mind

Carpet has thick deep pile

A radiator cover to save a burnt nose


A toasty bling dog

A gas fire which looks like a real coal fire is absolutely essential


Pepe loves to be warm

The mantle piece and surround is made of slate, big bucks but Pepe is worth it


Warms the cockles of his heart

It has become a firm friend already for Pepe


Stop hogging the fire Pepe

Pepe's mum chose this fire, so her work will be cut out rubbing an blackening it


Devil eye's dog

Shy Bruce wanted to say hello


The coving is just what Pepe has always wanted


And this dado rail


And this skirting


The new solid brass lamps finish off Pepe's room

There are many things to add to the room to make it more acceptable to Pepe -

A fire fender

A fire guard

Fire tool set (poker, brush etc)

Possible coal scuttle


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