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Now you can make your own web page and upload to Pepe's site by yourself

What is "Pepe's Village"?
Well Geocities and Fortunecity give away web space (but with annoying advertisements), Pepe is smaller scale, so is a village and not a city.
The key to messing with web pages for beginners is to make files names simple, no capital letters or spaces in it.

The help below will generate a web page void of pictures, but you save the source (you will be told how to do this in the help page), upload it with the pictures, and it will be visible to the whole world.
If you pick options like guestbooks/counters, I will spot this and get the code working.
Even if you do not make the web page (html file), just uploaded pictures can still be seen.

So these are the steps
Sign up for your own pages
Visit "help on making a Page"
  Manage (upload) your pictures and page(s)
See a list of pages other have made (you will be in the list)

If you get stuck, you can always