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Pepe's Web Ring

What is a Web Ring? - it is a group of people with a similar subject on their web pages, each of them has a logo (Pepe in this case) and controls that take them around the ring. At the bottom of this page is one of those controls.

What is the subject of members pages of Pepe's Web ring? - to be a kind human, a good dog, or possibly something to do with blind dogs?

How do I join? - Fill out the application form, put the emailed code in your web page (forward the email you recieve to if you need help with this), and Pepe will release you to the ring

Can I see who is is the ring already? - Yes, click here, it will also show you how many "hits" come from the ring.

Pepe wants you to join his ring (please)

If you get stuck, you can always

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