Important Have your picture files in the village. Make the names simple (you will have to type the names exactly as they are below). It is best not to have spaces or capital letters.
You will be presented at the end of this with a web page, minus the pictures, in your browser. Choose File, Save As, and save it to your hard drive as index.shmtl
index.shmtl is then uploaded to the village via the manager

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Choose font
Word color Red  Blue  Green   Purple  Brown
Yellow   Pink   Orange   Black   White
Back ground color Red  Blue  Green   Purple  Brown
Yellow   Pink   Orange   Black   White
Page title
Background picture file name
First Picture file name
First picture words
Second picture file name
Second picture words
Third picture file name
Third picture words
Forth picture file name
Forth picture words
Fifth picture file name
Fifth picture words
Sixth picture file name
Sixth picture words
Name of music file
Address of a link
Name of that link


Counter wanted
Mini Guest Book wanted
A link to Pepe's Village wanted