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Beauty Vest

With embroidery and jewelled button

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Beauty and comfort

Like the picture, embroidered onto the denim


Top view

And his name

Fits like a glove

Wish he would keep still!


The button is from a pair of 'Pepe' Jeans

The machine can sew through 6 layers of denim, and 4 layers of leather

Good Boy Pepe

'Good Boy Pepe' is stitched on the front to remind him

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Lets take a look inside

Grass needs cutting

I should have put the inside faces together

It looks so comfortable, I might have to wear it

But we don't have the outside material against out legs

Jewelled button from Pepe Jeans

The jewelled button

Scan of larger embroidery

Here is a larger version of the picture

For those with a Janome Memory Craft 9000 sewing machine, here is

the SEW file, and the BMP file

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