The Dragon Vest II

(First of millennium)

And now for a Welsh dragon

From our spring collection, it looks like bright colours are in, and leather is out

Does Bruce want one of these vests, or is it the Kong?

With all the dragons teeth, Pepe means business

New Features

No leather edging or reinforcing (now can be eaten by vegetarians, and the colour from the leather was staining Pepe's armpits, this is a very soft brushed denim)

Where hoop is screwed, there are shoe lace hole metal reinforcing (a bit of a mouth full)(this used to be my dads tool, I am sure he would be happy to see it used in this way)

Red denim (looks bad on human, good on Pepe)

Made from 80% recycled materials (very ecological)

(The music is Red Dwarf)

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