Heart Vest

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On the big bed (my wife would have a fit)

He has nice trim nails now, pity they are hidden

He has his phone number embroidered on this vest


(frequently asked questions)

Question: Dave, I notice that your vests have a lot of fancy stitching, is that necessary?

Answer: Yes



Question: Dave, you seem like a nice generous kind guy, can I lend some money off you?

Answer: No



Question: Dave, If the Queen of England came to you and said "one of my Corgi's has gorn blind, will you make it a vest?", would you do it?

Answer: Yes



Question: Dave, this vest idea seems terrific, are you a Sagittarius?

Answer: Yes



Question: Dave, I really would like one of these vests for my dog, but have very little money, if I sent you nude pictures of myself (tasteful, of course), would that do as payment?

Answer: Yes



Question: Dave, the hoop might protect Pepe's eyes and nose, what automobile do you drive?

Answer: A Fiat 126. Click here to see it



Question: Dave, I see that the hoop is made from a tough nylon tubing, with aluminium tubing inside, are you married?

Answer: Yes



Question: Dave, you have said in the past that Pepe wears his vest for 18 hours a day, can I lend some money off you?

Answer: No

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